The Free Brighton Choir is a volunteer-led singing group, held at the Brighton Youth Centre every Thursday at 8pm. It is completely free to attend. Find out more below, or...



Welcome to the Free Brighton Choir.  We exist so that you can sing in a group on a Thursday night, without paying a single penny.  

We tend to steer clear of traditional choir music, opting instead for classic pop and rock numbers (old and new!) that everyone should know. 

We’re always looking for new recruits to our very jolly group of singers. We won’t make you audition, there are no age or ability restrictions, and – most importantly – you don’t have to pay. We won’t even make you perform if you don’t want to.

All we ask is that you come along once a week, EVERY week, and have a smashing time! 

Join the Free Brighton Choir Facebook group for all the latest news. 

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